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Amirthagateswarar Abhirami Temple also called Abhirami temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to Shiva in his manifestation as "Destroyer of Death" and his wife Parvati as Abhirami. It is located in Thirukkadaiyur (Thirukadavur), 21 km East of Mayiladuthurai, Tamil Nadu in India. This temple is associated with the legend of Shiva saving his young devotee, Markendeya from death, and the tale of a saint, Abirami Pattar a devotee of the presiding goddess.



we organize following poojas and homams.
Ayush Homam

Ayush puja is a part of our ancient tradition and is performed to offer prayers for increasing one's health and longevity. This puja endows one with good health and long life. This Puja or Homam is done to worship the god of life (Ayur Devatha ). By doing this Homam, one gets long life blessings from Ayur Devatha. 

Shasti aptha Poorthi

Shashti Poorti is a Sanskrit word meaning completion of sixty. Also known also as "Shashti Abda Poorti" or "Ugraratha Santi"is a Hindu ceremony celebrating the 60th birthday of a male, akin to the renewal of marital vows.


The Import Of 80th Birthday Sathabhishekam. When a person completes his or her 80th year, sathabhishekam is performed. Often it is done seven to eight months after turning 80. Like the 70th celebrations, this is also performed to add more years to the couple's life, health, and strength..


Kanakabhishekam, As per Hindu traditions, if there are 4th generation of son’s in the family. The great grandson of the 4th generation will perform this event for the 1st generation of great grand father & mother. Kanakabhishekam is a great honour enjoyed by the few people.


Poornabishegam A Hindu ceremony commemorating a man's 100th birthday, also known as "Maha Mritthun jaya shanthi," is similar to renewing wedding vows.At the age of 60, we celebrate Shasti apda Poorthi, and then at the age of 70, we celebrate Bheema Ratha Shanthi, and at the age of 80, we celebrate Sadhabishegam, and at the age of 90, we celebrate Kanakabishegam. POORNABISHEGAM has been around for 100 years.

Maha Mritthunjaya Shanthi

Maha Mruthyunjaya Homam is dedicated to Lord Shiva to prevent premature deaths. The Mruthyunjaya Homam is executed to get Jaya or the victory over Mritya or death. The object of worship of this homa is Lord Shiva. One of Lord Shiva’s synonyms is Mrityu. Mrityu which means the death of death or the destroyer of death. During this homam 21 mantras are sung. The most prominent offers in this homam are the durva grass and an herb called amrita.

Ugra-Ratha Shanti Homam

Ugra-ratha Shanti Homam is to celebrate the beginning of 60th year of a person and should be performed during the end of 59th year. The abhishekam of holy water over the individual/couple is to commemorate the last year of Vedic cycle and all the planetary/karmic energies to be resolved.

Bhima Ratha Shanthi

By the time the male couple enters the 70th year, Bhima Ratha Shanthi 70th Birthday puja is celebrated by the relatives by getting together and performing Homam abhishekam and other rituals for the couple.This is the Best Pariharam (remedy) for any kind of health problems or illness and blesses the couple with great strength and long life.This ceremony removes all kinds of sins or bad Karma and the Lord Blesses them with a Long and a happy life together.

Non Brahmin Pooja's

Non Brahmin one Day Package

1 kaala Pooja Starting from the day Morning with Couples Reception arrangements for your Marriage Function. 

Non Brahmin Two Day Package

2 kaala Pooja Starting from the Previous day Evening with Couples Reception , Perfect arrangements for your Marriage Function. 

Non Brahmin Ayush Homam

The Ayush Homam is one such, performed on the completion of first year of birth Nakshatra. 

Brahmin Pooja's

Brahmin One Day Package

16 Kalasapooja with 4 Priest this type of Package arrangements for your Marriage Function. 

Brahmin Two Day Package

28 Kalasapooja with 11priest Type of Package Marriage Perfect arrangements for your Marriage Function. 

Ayush Homam

The Ayush Homam is one such, performed on the completion of first year of birth Nakshatra.




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